by Tobe Osakwe Aug 19, 2023

Apply automatic discounts to tagged customers in Shopify.

One of the most frustrating missing features in Shopify is the lack of a way to tag certain customers as a member or subscriber, and then have an item automatically discounted.

There’s a huge Shopify Community thread going back almost 4 years complaining about this exact issue, with no real solution in sight.

But there’s finally a solution. The fastest, most affordable way to apply automatic discounts to tagged customers is to use the Regios Automatic Discounts app. And here’s how:

Step 1: Assign A Tag To All Eligible Customers

Screenshot of assigning customer tags in the Shopify backend
Before you select tags in Regios Automatic Discounts, you need to create them in Shopify first.

Regios Automatic Discounts is a Shopify app that uses customer tags to decide whether to automatically issue a discount in the cart and checkout. For this to work, you first need to assign the desired tag to your customers in the Shopify backend.

Go to the Customers page, and then Tags on the customer page for each customer you want to assign the discount to. If you’re reading this article, though, it’s most likely that your eligible customers already have the tag.

If not, you might find it easier to use our “Specific individual customers” filter within the app instead.

Step 2: Install Regios Automatic Discounts

Screenshot of Regios Automatic Discounts in the Shopify App Store
Regios Automatic Discounts is super easy to install and set up.

Go to the Shopify Store to install Regios Automatic Discounts. The install process only takes a few seconds.

Install now

Once you’ve installed the app, continue to step 3 to finish setup.

Step 3: Select “Amount Off Products For Specific Customers”

Screenshot of selecting a discount type in Shopify
Regios Automatic Discounts integrates into the 'Select Discount Type' popup.

Regios Automatic Discounts works just like a regular Shopify discount. To make a new customer tag automatic discounts, head to the Discounts page in the Shopify admin. Then, press Create discount.

You’ll see an entire section of discount options for Regios Automatic Discounts. Most merchants should choose “Amount off products” for specific customers - this lets you apply discounts to individual products within the order.

Step 4: Enter The Customer Tags You Want The Discount To Apply To

Screenshot of choosing customer tags in Regios Automatic Discounts
This is the moment you've been waiting for.

Enter basic settings in the settings page, like a title for the discount, and the amount of discount to apply to each product.

Then, in the Discount applies to customers section, choose Customers with specific tags, and enter all the tags you’d like to discount.

Step 5: Save The Discount

Screenshot of saving a discount in Regios Automatic Discounts
Once you've saved your discount, you're all done.

Lastly, press Save to save your discount and make it live on your store. Congratulations - you’ve now applied automatic discounts to tagged customers in Shopify!

Test it out in cart and checkout with a test customer that has the desired tags on it.