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Regios Technologies, Inc.

Shopify app development by an ex-Google software engineer.

Supercharge your store
Our Shopify apps

Grow your store
using the latest tech

Stay ahead of the competition using our apps, built on the latest Shopify and Web platform features.

All of our apps are embedded, so you never have to leave your admin dashboard. Plus, we use features like Shopify Functions and the post-purchase page to seamlessly integrate with your store.

Automatic Discounts

Streamline creating promos for friends and family, or reward your members' loyalty with our automatic discounts app.

Our team

Currently just me, but that'll change once we've got some traction. :)

Tobe Osakwe

Founder & CEO

Ex-Google Software Engineer. Bootstrapping a Shopify app business. Teaching merchants how to grow their stores with the latest tech.